“Book Arts” Field Trips & Write Ups

FIELD TRIPS: Each student is responsible for attending at least three  events from the “list of ‘book arts’ events” (See left side  bar menu). These are events that are happening in the NYC area. Some of them are one time events with specific dates and times, for which you may or may not have to rsvp.  Some are exhibits that run over the course of several weeks.  Some are free, and some have a ticket or cover charge (of no more than $30).*  PLEASE NOTE:  It is your responsibility to plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to find out you needed to rsvp or bring cash.

I will add events to the list as I become aware of them. If you come across an event that you think might fit well, please forward me the details.  If I approve the event, I will  add it to the list, and it will count as one of  the field trip options.

WRITE UPS:  For each field trip, you must submit a 2 page double spaced, 1 inch margins (12 point, Times New Roman font) write up.  The first 1/4- 1/3 of the write up should describe the event (place, time, content, purpose, etc.).  The remainder of the write up should focus on a specific aspect of the event that illuminated for you something about the various labors that go into the book.  You may in the very last part of the paper contemplate how what you gleaned from this event might influence your book project.

* You are not required to attend an event that has an admission cost, so money should not  be an issue.  However if for some reason the only way you can fulfill the three field trip requirements is to attend an event that charges admission (or if you don’t need to attend it for the requirements but it just so happens to be your greatest wish of the semester to attend such an event), but you find the fee prohibitively expensive, please speak with me, and we will figure it out.