Tragic Fire in the Bronx

We are devastated to learn that at least 19 people were killed in a fire at Twin Parks North, an apartment building the in Bronx on January 9.  More than 60 people were injured, and more than 200 firefighters worked to contain the blaze.

If you need assistance, or if you know anyone who needs assistance, learn about resources available to you.  No one seeking services will be asked about their immigration status.

Fire officials are predicting that the number of fatalities will continue to climb.  Mayor Eric Adams said, the “numbers are horrific.”  There were victims on every floor of the 19-floor high rise, making it according to the mayor, “one of the worst fires we have witnessed during modern times.”

Families have been displaced and will face all of kinds of additional hardships.  Here are some of the ways the communities are mobilizing to help families affected.  Please help if you can: