Clubs and Their Impact on Commuter Students

Class then straight to work or home is usually the normal commuter student routine. Occasionally, you have someone to hang around with at  school to attend campus activities or use the library to get work done. Being a part of something like a club or sports team can boost your college experience. Theses experiences, impact commuter students in huge ways. They provide opportunities to make friends in an environment where usually students keeps to themselves and don’t hang around campus much.


Vanessa Santana is a 19 year old Corporate Communications major at Baruch College.

Where do you commute from and how long is that commute?

I commute from Edison, New Jersey. It’s typically about an hour and a half, on a great day just an hour.

How do you feel about your college experience as a commuter student?

As a commuter student it’s not always the best because sometimes I feel far removed from the city and my friends, it’s clearly a sacrifice since I’m so active on campus. However, I’m still able to save money and have a good college experience by being so involved in the school community.

What role do you think clubs play in commuter schools?

Clubs play a HUGE role in commuter schools. Commuter students complain or aren’t happy with their college experience and I believe it’s because of lack of involvement in clubs. They are a chance for students to network, congregate, share ideas and experiences as well as meet new friends and do activities that are not offered at home, in the classroom or the work place. Clubs are part of what makes these four years the best, most fun, and memorable years of our lives. (

What club(s) if any are you a part of?

I am an Admissions Ambassador for the Lexington League, I’m on two sports team ( women’s basketball and softball) (, I’m part of the Caribbean Students Association (CSA) and WBMB Radio.

Since joining the club(s) has your college experience gotten better? Why or why not?   

Joining clubs has definitely made my college experience worthwhile so far. I’ve met a lot of new, different, great friends. When I’m caught up with academics or if I’m stressed, relaxing in the club area or engaging in good conversation with my peers makes me happier. Attending events, learning new things, socializing, and eating free food is always fun and interesting. If it weren’t for all the clubs I’m in, I don’t think I would enjoy college the same way.

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