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News Round up: Transit

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NYC Through the Eyes of a Commuter

Sure being a commuter student can be frustrating. Your always on the go and trying to find time to still make school deadlines. While being on a campus, you typically think of a nice grassy scenery, a view you don’t really get in New York City. But, New York City does have nice scenery that may sometimes get taken for granted by the everyday New Yorker. Let’s go behind the eyes of the commuter and see the great view of New York City.


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Commuter Congestion

What’s a commute withouttrain rush hour in New York City? (more…)

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Clubs and Their Impact on Commuter Students

Class then straight to work or home is usually the normal commuter student routine. Occasionally, you have someone to hang around with at  school to attend campus activities or use the library to get work done. Being a part of something like a club or sports team can boost your college experience. (more…)

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Inside Look at the Commuter Student

union square

“Commuter Blues” aren’t limited to just office workers. College students, too, have them, especially thousands of young adults who live off campus and attend colleges throughout New York City. (more…)

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