Group: Estevan, Phillip, Tatsiana

Group Members: Phillip Bleustein, Estevan Roman, Tatsiana Vashkevich

Name of Group: Group 2 ( Will change in future)

2-3 Historical Questions We are Considering: 

  • How does the appearance effect the outcome of the presidential election?
  • What role does religious affiliation of the candidate play during the candidate campaign?
  • What are the boundaries of the exaggerated/unachievable promises during presidential campaign?

A Brief Description of the Expected Scope of Our Project:

  • We are hoping that we can create the parallels between common issues and facts that play important role during 2012 presidential elections and other historical presidential elections. This historic perspective may help us to uncover deep issues that truly matter and continue to be a driving force that carries winning candidate to the top.

A List of Challenges and Potential That You Are Having now, or Anticipate as you Work on the Project:

  • Not being together for a majority of the project, and having to collaborate our work on our google doc.
  • There are always external factor that come in to play unexpectedly and having to embrace those factors and work through them could be a problem at time.

Optional: discuss technologies, formats, and work-flow that you may employ:

  • Embedding pics, video, audio, likely all through when applicable.
  • Google Docs
  • Youtube and Blogger