Group One Final Project Topic

Group 1
Caroline, Anton, Eli, Cameron, Leanardo

A name for your group


2-3 historical questions you are considering answering in your project

1.) How does social media (twitter, Facebook, tumblr, reddit, etc) affect young/first time  voters?
2.) How has social media and the internet affected the 2012 Presidential Election? Does social media influence first time voters to vote?

A brief description of the expected scope of your project:

We hope to focus on 2012, but using other elections for comparison purposes, on how young voters (high school seniors/college freshman) are affected by these sites.   We feel that we can talk about all the memes, gifs, and twitter accounts that have popped up during the election – including that Big Bird 2012 campaign that started during/after the first presidential debate.

A list of challenges and potential problems that you are having now, or anticipate will arise as you work on the project

Currently we find a challenge to be  focusing our generally broad ideas into one big topic – the internet is a huge place and memes fall in-and-out of popularity regularly, and it’s also difficult to gauge how something as abstract as the internet is affecting something as concrete as voting for a presidential candidate.