Research-Driven Writing Project Ideas

How has the coronavirus affected the US economy from March until now?

My plan for college is to major in finance and minor in economics. I have always had an interest in the stock market and the economy. In fact, I just started investing in the stock market recently! There would be tons of articles that I would be able to use for this kind of research.  I think my goal would be to incorporate some fundamental ideas of economics and then to show how the coronavirus would apply to that. This is the topic that I’m leaning towards because it’s already something that really interests me and I think doing research on it would be beneficial to my overall education.

What foods are easy to make and healthy that I like?

I’m a terrible cook. The only thing I know how to make is ramen, eggs, and oatmeal. This research topic could be very beneficial to me because I would probably eat more food, the food would be stuff that I like and that’s good for me, and I would be better in the kitchen. This is still only my second choice because I’m not really sure if this is something that I would want to write about. It kind of just seems like something I should research and then just try. With my other idea about the coronavirus and economics, I feel like I would be able to go more in-depth. I’m trying to image the writing for the food research question: “The first recipe I found was spaghetti. To make it, you will need… First, you… The next step is… Finally, you… And then you have made spaghetti!” While this is an option I think the economic question would be the better choice

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