Research-Driven Writing Proposal

After reading over both my Rhetorical Analysis and my first Literacy Narrative, I came upon some thoughts that I would like to know more about. The first question I thought of was: do children benefit more from attending regular public school or being homeschooled? Could be an interesting subject to look more into since I had such a different experience from being at school and being at home. I also know many kids that prefer being homeschooled, so I would like to know what are both the pros and cons and compare. I did not stay in touch with these kids, so when doing research I could look at different opinions from kids who have experienced homeschooling and why the do or do not like it. I also have access to the internet where I could find many articles based on the topic. Another thought that crossed my mind was whether or not people who speak multiple languages benefit in our present employment market? Growing up bilingual, I felt like I had to work much harder than those who only spoke English. Keeping up with two languages at a young age, or in general, is not an easy task. In our country today, there are people from all over the world who speak all kinds of languages. This topic could be both fun and interesting to look into because I am bilingual and I want to see if learning a new language could also benefit a person’s career. 

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