Research-Driven Writing Project Proposal

I will be basing my research on the analysis of a book, film, TV show, etc. Seeing as I wrote my entire Rhetorical Analysis based on the latest James Bond film Spectre, my Research-Driven Writing Project will be a continuation of that assignment in a sense. In my research analysis of the film, I will be re-analyzing the said film and looking for hidden meanings/ key ideas throughout. Colors, imagery, diction, people, etc. will play an important role in understanding how and why the film was created in the way that it was; will help me in my analysis of the film itself. Certain scenes in the movie make the audience feel different emotions and the backstories of certain individuals do the same as well. I will use this information in my analysis of the film and will keep an eye out for how each scene makes me feel as an audience member. I will research the backstories of certain main characters and try to understand the purpose of this addition to the James Bond series. The James Bond franchise plays on the emotions of the audience and captivates said emotions, leaving the audience members on the edge of their seats throughout each movie’s entirety. There was a reason for the creation of this installment of the franchise, Spectre, and I will try to re-analyze what was analyzed previously in past assignments. By re-analyzing the film, I will be able to come up with some secondary research to help build my overall claim about the film.

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