Research-Driven Proposal

When thinking about the research driven project I knew I wanted to write about the Hebrew language. The problem is that this breaks down into many different topics. For example, I can write about how Hebrew unites Jews around the world no matter where they live or who they are. Another idea I had was, how it is one of the oldest languages being used in a modern country, and can research why. The more I thought about Hebrew as a language the more topics I thought of. Finally, I decided that I can write about how cultures and communities helped keep the Hebrew language alive over many years. In this topic I will research different communities that spoke Hebrew. Additionally, I will elaborate on how they passed it on through their children, customs, and books- ensuring the language never died. I can also talk about how sometimes keeping your cultures-language and everyday-language separate can be beneficial. In order to find sources, I will search different key words in school databases and on specific sites on google. Hopefully I will come out with a bunch of good ones. However, I am concerned that many sources I will try to research might have some bias. In order to watch out for this I will have to look into the authors of all my sources. Some goals I hope to accomplish by doing this research assignment would be to have a greater understanding about how the Hebrew language stayed alive through community. In doing so, I will then appreciate it more when it is spoken in my own house and culture.

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