War on Drugs: Research Proposal

After re-reading my literacy narrative I noticed that I have less of a hard time writing when I write about something that  I can relate to. Something that interests me that I don’t necessarily know a lot about is Black  American History. Because black history is my history I figured research on a topic like this would make this project fun for me. Two ideas I had were researching the lifestyle and people of Seneca Village and looking at the time of the War on Drugs and how it affected black people (and even more specifically black people in New York). From my initial ideas I’m leaning towards researching the War on Drugs. I want to look at how that affected incarceration rates of black people and the policing of black neighborhoods. I also want to research how drug addiction was treated back then and how it is treated now. I am still pretty much figuring out the specific question I’m trying to answer or the topic within this that I want to research but I do know that this is a direction I want to go in. I think that my paper will be very chronological. Basically I will start off with the War on Drugs and then how that one event led to other things over time. I would probably be looking into a lot of documentaries and statistics in order to do this paper. There are some speeches from the president I could watch and old television ads about drugs. Overall I think I have a research worthy topic that could get me a lot of information and show signs of correlation to even the present day. 

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