Research proposal


  1. Research if there is any type of correlation between school funding and standardized test scores in the US and, if there is, the possible implications of it.
  2. Research if bilingual and/ or multilingual persons tend to learn subjects with more ease than the average monolingual person. (possibly restricted to academic settings)
  3. Research whether being bilingual or multilingual has any type of correlation to employment and career advancement. 


For my research topics, I have chosen subjects that have intrigued me in the past. I’ve always wondered if kids whose school has higher funding achieve better scores in standardized tests such as the SAT. I assume the answer is probably yes, but it would be interesting to find any data backing this up. Another topic I have wondered about is whether or not people who know more than one language encounter minor difficulty in learning something new when compared to other’s who speak only one language. I was also planning to see if there is any IQ related information on it but it is probably not appropriate. I’ve heard different arguments on this topic and it would be interesting to see the conclusions of some actual studies. Related to the prior topic I also wanted to look into the job aspects of multilingual/bilingual vs. monolingual, taking different factors into account, the results could go either way and I find that interesting. Anyways, I think that the research topic I will pursue is #2 since the psychology and physiology aspect of it calls my attention. 

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