Research Proposal

After evaluating my Literacy Narrative and Rhetorical Analysis, a few topics came to mind.

My narrative wasn’t well-organized but I did have a theme of social media and the positive and negative influences that it has with spreading information.  COVID-19 is a new virus, so it’s not as extensively studied like influenza for example.  Thus, anyone affected by it would be interested in knowing about health risks and ways of transmission.  I first thought of Twitter, because many journalists have been using it as a medium to report on current in-the-moment news.  Twitter is also useful for researchers because they can collect data on hashtags and other quantitative metrics.  A quick search led me to studies about trending hashtags related to COVID-19 and some research articles about how to define and measure disinformation.  A supplement would be to also examine other studies measuring disinformation in other contexts.  Most similar, would be the potential Ebola pandemic around 6 years ago.  It would be an ambitious and relevant topic to everyone here, so I’m leaning towards picking it.

My rhetorical analysis was very specifically about one song’s lyrics, which is mainly about living with ADHD.  My thesis however, believes that the song is also about how environmental factors contribute to the development and severity of ADHD.  So there are a couple of topics I could research here.  One would be about childhood trauma and ADHD, which is extensively studied in psychology.  Another could be about drug addiction and boredom, which is covered in the song lyrics and is also widely studied.  That topic would be good if I wanted to look at something that doesn’t have a clear answer.

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