Research Proposal

Some topics that I have in mind to research and write about for my Research-Driven Writing Project are “The intersectionality of gendered racism and psychological distress among African American women in the 21st century” and “The conceptualization of passive racism in American society and its psychological impact on African American men”. There is a problem in the world with their issues with black people. They are oppressed for no reason. Just because the color of their skin is different, doesn’t make them any different, and many people treat African Americans very harsh. They do no deserve to be treated so badly.

I know how much Racism harms African Americans and I know how much they endure with all the troubles that white people give them. This has made me wonder if it affects them in any possible way, and by that I mean mentally/psychologically. I went online and started seeing if there is any connection between racism and psychological issues.  I found on many website and different sources that racism does in fact cause psychological impacts on African Americans.

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