Final Project Ideas

 What are the effects of immigrants in the U.S. workforce? Are they really taking jobs from Americans?

How does birth order affect ones’ work ethic?

What are the challenges and sacrifices that comes with devoting oneself to the work of God?

2 thoughts on “Final Project Ideas

  1. Nicholas, Looking back at your original question, I can see that you were trying to avoid the yes/no question you included originally, but this revised phrasing seems to assume that immigrants are “displacing” low skilled workers, and I agree with your instinct to question that assumption. How about asking more open-endedly, What effects does immigration have on the American labor force, particularly on low-skilled labor? It doesn’t have to be exactly that, but you want to leave room for the possibility that you might discover that immigrants aren’t “taking jobs away from Americans,” as many people like to claim. Does that make sense?

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