Brainstorming Ideas for Personal Narrative (Essay #1)

IDEA #1 – (Using Prompt 1) FIRST SEMESTER AT BARUCH COLLEGE – I remember feeling displaced when I first started at Baruch college. The whole transition from high school to college was difficult, mindset wise. I had to get use to a whole new surrounding, new people, new tasks, the work load, etc.

IDEA #2 – (Using Prompt 4) DIFFERENT “LANGUAGES” I SPEAK – I speak what you might call as slang English when I am around my friends and I speak a broken down African English when I speak with my mother.

IDEA #3 – (Using Prompt 3) MY NATIVE COUNTRY (GUINEA) – This place means a lot to me because I was born there. Even though I spent all my childhood and most of my lifetime in America, the few times I would visit flush back so much memories. Starting from the food to certain smells that held memories once it was inhale.

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