BLOG 4 Joel
Wednesday December 19th 2012, 1:38 pm
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I have to say that News Literacy was my favorite enrichment workshop; mainly because it highlighted  a lot of fraudulent issues. I was especially surprised when I heard the professor speak of News Channels like FOX 5 that report fake news. With all that we hear or read, it makes us wonder what maybe the true source. As the professor further explains, we begin to realize that its our job to pick the right or wrong however, that can be very complicated since the truth can be thoroughly exploited as such. Sometimes it is good to compare news sources from all sites –  including those of the internet and T.V – in order to make a proper decision.  I am grateful to the Professor for shedding light on the shady businesses of renowned News Channels.

Blog 4 David Lamle
Wednesday December 19th 2012, 10:28 am
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Freshman seminar was not only fun for me but it also taught me quite a bit. IT helped me view others idea on certain topics, that I felt like I knew quite a bit on already, however, not everything. One of the things I enjoyed most out of this class, as much as I complained about this, was moving around the room to different sides, where we voiced our opinions on where we stand on an Idea that was expressed. It honestly kept me interested, and It allowed me the chance to voice my opinion to the class, and possibly convince them of the same idea that I have. As for the enrichment workshops, I enjoyed the last one the best, where the students read monologues, I believe it is called voices. I actually found it to be entertaining and defiantly better than the first one we had went to. Thank you for this class everyone I really appreciated it. This is not just a thank you to the teachers but to my peers as well.

Blog 3 David Lamle
Wednesday December 19th 2012, 10:19 am
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Sorry i am late with this but i haven’t had very much time to get to this. This first semester was actually kind of fun for me. I started off pretty much separated. I didn’t know anyone, as I encountered this new experience in my life. Eventually I began making friends and I started progressing as a student and making everything easier for myself. They helped me along as well as I helped them. Which made my frst semester a success.

Enrichment Workshop
Friday December 14th 2012, 12:36 pm
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I completely enjoyed the enrichment workshop at The Rubin Museum. It was very interesting to walk around that place and see how much art has been influenced by all kinds of people in the world. It was exciting to see all the displays, each telling a different story, and each teaching you something you did not know. My favorite exhibit was the Bhutadamara Vajrapani display. It is a pigment on cloth painting, which was made in Tibet somewhere between the 18th and 19th centuries. Bhutadmara, or “Spirit Subduer,” is a special four-armed wrathful form of the deity Vajrapani, who is known for  removing obstacles. The painting shows a small figure in white clothing, seated on a lotus, indicating his wish to be reborn in a pure land. The painting was very interesting and captivated my attention. I learned a lot in this workshop. I would love to go back to that museum one day.

Blog 3 Joel
Wednesday December 12th 2012, 11:43 pm
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  To describe to my first semester, I picked this picture because it explains my uncertainity I had in this college. For me that semester was a challenge  and I usually got so lost that I would describe it as a winding staircase. I knew no one in particular when I first came to Baruch, but I soon met a few people. But it show that we wouldn’t be inseparable. I basically understood that this college life was not going to be anything like highschool. And naturally I would forget all those I have met. I guess when one looks at the grand scheme of things, my first semester was only the first step. This makes me realize that at every step I take, I am closer to reaching my goal. As an avid science geek, the road I follow is tough as it also requires dedication. However, I will still continue to look back down onto to that staircase and remember the things I have learned thus far.

blog 3, picture and post
Wednesday December 12th 2012, 7:25 pm
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lol i posted a nice little meme of what i think about baruch

college is a different experience.

youi can stay up for 6 hours and still get a b.

im not used to this

highschool i had almost erfect grades.

wahtever you gotta do though its the first semster. it was a little different but i got this. i finally know what im majoring in and i finally WANT to go to school next semester should be a little better. i plan on transfreing also so we will see. my experience was not terrrible. ubt id much rather be at uMiami. hahaha


blog one, song list.
Wednesday December 12th 2012, 7:13 pm
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1. riot- three days grace.

have you ever sat down on a bench. 245 ready to go. and need a way to overcome the fear. this song…. puts me in riot mode. 245 got nothing on me.

2. not the american average- asking alexandria

i know you are all starting to see the trend. i tend to lean towards some crazy ass music. this song.. makes me tingle. it makes me focus and helps me control my emotions. i dont know how a metal song can do that but it does.

3. drowning pool-tear away

a song i listen to in solitary confinement. or when working out. give me a sense of selfulness and also helps me focus attention and energy the world-swedish house mafia

yea i changed it up. this song GETS ME PUMPED. i dont know what it is about this song but its awesome. i can sit in the gym at home in the car and just scream it. it represents my wild side

5.Billy joel-piano man.

the ultimate billy joeal song. most of you dont even know who billy joel is.. no not joel verghese ;]. theres a reason why this man is one of the best musicians ..EVER.

6.too close- alex care.

the words to this song represent my apprehension towards women, yet the love i have for them. haha. this songs dubstep remix… all i have to say bout me listening to this song, is clear my path. im coming. turns me up.

7. Trapt- headstrong

8. Welcome to the jungle-guns and roses..

7,8- have you ever know what its like to step on the ice.. 32 degrees, dressed up and ready to go. knowing you will win, the feeling of confidence. these two songsa. personified my hockey experience.. and were my warmup songs. as another teamed stepped on to my home ice.. all i had to say to them was welcome to the jungle.

9.down with the sickness-distrubed.

all i have to say is this song represents my evil side. listen to it and youll understand

10. call me maybe-carly rae jepsen

my gay side. yea i have one, no im not gay. but i definately have a homosexual side. ;]



blog 2 monolouge
Wednesday December 12th 2012, 7:01 pm
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it was a cold winter sunday. 8 am. put on a dress shirt, slacks, a tie and a jacket. load up the trunk. i entered the bus with my music on, and took a nap. the nap lasts around 45 min – an hour and then it was time. as we woke up we all knew what lie ahead of us. it was 9 am and the game started at 1030. it was time to shine. going in all your thinking is. well in a 38 game season, we lost 4 games. one to this team. you think eh what the fuck, who cares, its my time to shine. you start to look at the enemy and they are somewhat large. a nice bunch of 21 year olds just staring you down, thinking these little bastards, they win this game and they go to the championship. MIND YOU, we had all intentions on winning the championship for the third year in a row. we sit down in the locker room, its silent. jock strap, left sock, right sock, pants, left skate right skate. left pad, right pad. then a nice meditation. glove save a beauty, i got this breakaway i thought to myself. yea i was starting this game, probably the most important game to date. if we lost that team was heading to nationals with us. if we won we mad it to the championship and showed them whos boss. game time approaches, and of course coach made a cool speech, but i didnt care. i was too busy focusing on what i needed to due. man and were they frustrated. i didnt show any mercy. no matter what they did they couldnt beat me, i was on fire. splits here and there, upside down inside out up down.. is the only way i can describe it. i was goooooood.

of course we won

and of course i then had a shut out in the championship

and thats how exciting my life used to be.

no i go to baruch

and work in mcdonalds

this sports med proffession better do me good..

bc 18 or 38, i want my life to be exciting.

Blog 4 – Leon Harary
Wednesday December 12th 2012, 1:36 pm
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I think the best part of freshman seminar was the Monologues and all those free writings . I found it so unique that there were 25 other students who I have never met before , had the same problems I had . When we all had to read out loud our certain free writings I felt a certain connection to that person because I feel like I was going through the same troubles like most of them . Getting up there in front of the whole room and reading my monologue out loud was an experience that is irreplaceable. I also thought was very interesting and cool was when the professor put everyone into groups for a class we dislike and we all got to discuss our own certain problems an overcome those problems as a whole not as an individual.

In the end of the day freshman seminar was an awesome experience that I think every school should have . I met people I thought I would never meet before, made a lot of new friends , laughed, and only brought positivity to my whole freshman seminar experience.

I would like to thank Professor Vogel and miss Cybele for all there help through this first semester. I hope everyone has a great next 4 years in Baruch . 🙂

Blog 2 – Leon Harary
Tuesday December 11th 2012, 12:07 pm
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This was the blog I emailed to you (Cybele) before the deadline because my blog was down . Now that my blogs back I’m posting it now.


Life from New Jersey to New York

I was just 15 years old when my parents told me that I had to move from my whole life to Brooklyn new york. Adjusting from the fresh air of Monmouth county NJ to the dense Borough of Brooklyn New York. I was very curiouse on what was going to happen and how hard it was going to be for me to change friends and adjust to such a fast pace town . I kept my confidence up and knew if i just act like myself i will meet the right new friends. From that day on , I have never turned back . I think i met the greatest friends anyone can ask for and knew it was the right choice . Im proud of all the decisions i made for my self since i have moved and will always be proud of the kids that accepted me into there group . They have pushed me through all my hard times and especially all my good times. Without them i wouldnt be where i am today , in Baruch college.