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This is a little late but hey, my name’s Melessa I’m 18 years old and I was born in Queens, which brings me to the first picture.  I’ve used the A train countless times and I’ve encountered a wide variety of people on the subway, some more eccentric than I would like. But that’s all a part of living in New York, as anyone reading this post will know. I love riding roller coasters and when I found this second picture on the internet I could feel a little of the anticipation you get when you’re on a roller coaster about to go down that first hill. The third picture is a picture taken at Disney world, where I had some of the best moments of my childhood. There are a lot of things I still do that are childish and immature but I don’t think people should take themselves too seriously all the time. The next picture is from one of my favorite shows Breaking Bad, everyone should watch this show. The fifth picture is taken in England, where I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m actually planning a trip there for next summer. Next is a picture of a cup of tea. In my experience, a good cup of tea can fix anything and up to this day, if I go to my grandmother’s house after a bad day the first thing she does is start making a cup of tea. The last picture was taken graduation day with most of the kids from my major, Industrial Design. I saw this group of people A LOT for the past two years and some of my closest friends are in this picture.

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  1. I love Disney World!! I want to go back there again. Also, my friends have been telling me to watch Breaking Bad and after seeing this post, I think I have finally heard it enough times to actually getting around to watching it.

    My grandmother didn’t make me tea, but she made me hot chocolate and it was the best feeling in the world. I miss that so cherish it while you can!

    I enjoyed reading your blog post and looking at the pictures you put up!

  2. Thanks Getty! We can’t wait for getting begun!

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