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Snapshot of Semester 1

In all honesty, the picture above is by far the best way of showing my first 3 months at Baruch. Although that is not a picture of my room above and thankfully my room is not that messy, it is symbolic of my first 3 months of college. I have felt all over the place as I have adjusted to a different lifestyle and experience. I tend not to enjoy change and attending Baruch this fall was probably the biggest change I have had in my life. The reason I chose that specific picture to explain my first 3 months in college is because of my lack of organization and how it has slowly become more severe. With the increased stress of college and my laziness it has become harder to keep everything in my life labeled and organized. I feel as if as the smoke settles in this first semester of college, I am learning to deal with the change and will slowly learn from it. For the time being though, my life is a bit messy.

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A Monologue

I remember walking into High School for my first day as well as I remember by first day at Baruch. Its funny how similar and different the experience could be. The uncertainty I felt my first day of high school wasn’t there the first day I stepped into college. Everybody knows that they are in college because they want to further their education meanwhile in high school I felt like i was being forced from one jail and graduating into another. The similarities are more physical in terms of the same white walled classrooms with projectors. Some teachers know the material they teach thoroughly and want to be teaching while others are in school to get paid and go home. In these cases it is up to the student to figure everything out on their own.

I have always considered myself a competitive guy and this craving for competition really manifested itself in the form of school work for the first time. Instead of caring in high school about what I could do socially on the weekends, I found a drive in the form of schoolwork. Moving out, the sudden surge of freedom, availability of almost anything anytime didn’t overwhelm me because now I feel like i have a set goal. Some may call it maturity. I personally feel like it is the realization that almost every college student understands that they have to be better than whoever is around them if they plan to make more money or have a better job then their peers. It is a realization that as a student you can go out every night have a good time but what it really hurts is your edge over everyone else around you. It only dawned on me recently that this competition is as important as people tried telling me in high school and its really the best time to take advantage of everything school has to offer.

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8 Pictures That Describe Me

In order to complete this assignment I chose to use the picture gallery. I believed that it would be the easiest way to show a little about myself. When i started the assignment I didn’t want my picture choices to be to simple or obvious. Of course while I was trying to find pictures the only ideas i had where simple ans obvious. My heritage is important, so there is both a Greek and a Cypriot flag in my gallery. My home and neighborhood in Queens is important and always will be which explains the picture of Bell Boulevard in Bayside, Queens. Learning to drive and gaining the ability of have that kind of freedom was important so i put up a picture of my car. The computer I have right now may not be the most important thing in the world to me but my love for computers in general is. My family is massive and though i found it a bit creepy, I put a picture in my gallery of some random family to show this. I grew up with my dog and now that i moved away from the house i spend a good amount of time thinking about her so of course i had to put a picture of her up. Lastly i chose a picture of a plane. From really young i have always really enjoyed traveling. Everything about it is interesting and I believe that it is my inspiration for a lot of choices in my life. I would like to one day move to Cyprus and learn more about my heritage. Even though the pictures are kind of lame they show a good deal of information about my life.

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