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Describe Yourself – Kevin Ortiz

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1: Watsky – A New Kind of Sexy –

This song is all about being sexy, but not in the sense of the muscular, gorgeous athlete. This sexy comes from security. From knowing that you are beautiful simply in your existence. In that sense, I am a lot more confident in just being me, rather than working too hard to achieve ideal “beauty.”

2: Saigon – If (My Mommy) –

I’m a gigantic “momma’s boy”. I love my mother more than any woman in the world, and if I could, I’d do everything to make her proud, and give her the world for trying to give me the world.

3: Common – I Used To Love H.E.R. –

Music was and is my life. I almost need it to keep me sane, and that isn’t exaggeration. There is so much that I can draw from it, and I simply love listening to the words. Music takes me on a roller coaster as well, through many phases and gimmicks, so I can relate there.

4: John Mayer- Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967 –

This is a song about saying “YES,” when everyone says “no.” Walt Grace’s homemade, fan-blade, one-man, submarine ride and is a parallel to so many of my conquests, and regardless of failure, I have succeeded in my mind. However, more often than not, I am like the titular character and do succeed.

5: Joe Budden – Good Enough –

I want to live up to the expectations put in front of me, but often I feel like I can never truly satisfy everyone. It’s impossible, but I try. The line “make me uncomfortable and you’re gonna put me in a comfort zone,” is exactly how I feel working under pressure how the pressure gets to me.

6: Eyedea – Smile –

So many quotes. Anyway, “time taught me how to see every second as heaven even though they’re perfectly disguised as hell.” This song describes my ability to simply take the world on and never stop smiling and just, enjoying life and its beauty.

7: Atmosphere – Sunshine –

Sometimes life sucks. I am aware, but at times, I just need a reset, and just look outside and appreciate the beauty in life. This is important to me. This song describes my optimism in that respect.

8: Pink Floyd- Fearless –

I just take action without over-thinking. I encourage others to do the same, as no hill is too steep to climb. I am the “idiot,” who faces the crowd, smiling.

9: Carlos Santana – Maria, Maria -

I am the typical “Latin Lover.” Passionate as these guitar licks, soft as the voice of Santana. This is who I am as a romantic.

10: Eyedea – On This I Stand –

This song marks my contemplative nature and how I think. I am so in tune with myself at times, but others I just rattle off thoughts that lead to clarity. This is my relation to this song.


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