Sep 10

My family is the probably the most important thing in my life. My older brother and sister both serve as amazing role models and awesome best friends. They push me to strive for the impossible, and guide me on my path to becoming an adult. My parents are my everything. No words would be able to describe how much they mean to me, and my love towards them. The passion, support, and love I get from my parents are endless. I would be no where if I didn’t have this wonderful family.

Nail art is one of my hobbies. It all started during the summer of 2011, I practiced and practiced until I was able to do many different designs such as cartoon characters, animal print, and abstract nails. From July of 2011 to now, I do nails to raise funds for a cancer organization called National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS). I was able to donate $500.00 and I’m currently still raising money. Nail art is a form of expression for me. The design I do is based on my mood, or sometimes I do designs according to upcoming events, or holidays. It has been a part of my life and I’ll continue to practice nail art.

Bollywood movies are my absolute favorite. Although most people tend to find them to be long and tedious, I could sit there for hours watching back to back Indian movies. I find the songs to be so entertaining and full of life. Ever since I could remember my parents would make my siblings and I watch Bollywood movies with them. Since I’ve been watching Indian movies all my life, I’ve basically learned to speak and understand the language they use in the movies, Hindi. I find that watching these movies put me in a fantasy world, it helps me escape from the stress of school. Attached is a YouTube link to one of my favorite songs. This is a picture of my favorite actress, Aishwarya Rai.

One of my strange obsessions are baby monkeys. I find them to be incredibly adorable along with fluffy and soft. Hopefully one day when I move to another country I can adopt one! This is one of my favorite pictures!

Aside from doing nail art, one of my other hobbies is dancing. I usually do modern dancing, ballet, and Indian dancing. Dancing is just something I do for fun. I’ve preformed in 4 talent shows, weddings, and my best friend’s 18th party. Every time I preform my confidence increases and I become a little better than before. This is a recent picture of my performance at my cousin’s wedding.

One of the best family vacations I’ve had, was a cruise to the Bahamas. My time there was spent well. It was the type of vacation that gave me a chance to appreciate the small things in life and lay around with out a care in the world. If I had to choose to go on another vacation, it would definitely be a cruise.

This is a picture of my two best friends and I during Halloween.  I’ve know one for almost 11 years now and the other for a short time but they mean much more than just friends, they are more like sisters. We fight and argue but in the end we’ll always be the three musketeers.

Last but not least, the dearest thing to my heart is God. Although I may not be a strict Christian, I do believe in faith and the bible. God has given me more than I could ever ask for. I will continue to praise him, because I know God is great and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.







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