Sep 10

Samuel Rico

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“Illegal” –

Cultura Profetica is an incredibly talented sensous reggae band. My favorite reggae band in the whole world. The lyrics, the rhythm, the voice, the sounds are all  mesmerizing and hypnotic. This band has produced music that I can call aphrodisiacs for myself.  This song isn’t my favorite by them but I’ve had it on my mind all day long.

“The Girl From Ipanema” –

Antonio Carlos Jobim is my favorite brazilian composer. This song is extremely famous. Originally it is called Garota De Ipanema which is just it’s translation in portuguese. This version includes one of my inspirations. One of the greatest voices to ever come along. Frank Sinatra. The MASTER of swing. His voice goes absolutely great with this song.

“Outro” –

M83 is a fantastic french band. Their music is very inspirational. It just sounds so Grand, So GLORIOUS. I LOVE IT. This isn’t the exact version but it’s still awesome.

“Latinoamerica” –

Calle 13 s a Puerto Rican reggaeton group. Their fame is worldwide. They started out with just clever funny rhymes and a hard beat.  But just as bands are supposed to do, they grew. Their music became stories and even smarter lyrics. They grew SO MUCH that their last 2 albums won at the Latin Grammys “ALBUM OF THE YEAR”. This song is now an anthem to all of Latin America. It is beautiful.

“Umbilical Moonrise” –

Lotus is a jam band. And a damn good one. Their concerts are always sold out because they are brilliant at what they do. The sounds are out of this world. They put me in a trance. This is the only 14:17 song that i can listen to without skipping and stopping it.

“Magalehna” –

Sergio Mendes. is the face of Samba. his most famous song is “Mais que nada” and its known worldwide. He is know worldwide. He makes me move. I don’t know why but his music makes me get up and play soccer. It just makes me want to dance.

“Brujeria” –

El Gran Combo is one of the most famous Salsa Groups ever. They are Legendary. This songs is spicy and even though it’s not my favorite by them it still makes me move. I love dancing salsa and this is perfect for it.

“Kings & Queens” –

30 Seconds to Mars used to be a punk rock band and I didn’t really like that so I had never heard of them. Then they came out with the “THIS IS WAR” album and its absolutely brilliant. all of the songs are great. This is my favorite one though. The music video is incredible. It’s so cool. The band features one of my favorite actors/ idols, Jared Leto. That is just an extra reason for me to like them. But the song is awesome.

“Clair De Lune” –

Debussy has always been my favorite composer. The song Claire De Lune is indescribably beautiful.  I’ve been hearing it ever since I was a baby. Grew up with it. It’s so soothing. It’s the only song i can study to and still fully concentrate.

“Big Bird In A Small Cage” –

The Amazing Patrick Watson. this has been on playback ever since I first heard it a bout a year ago watching a random skateboarding video I found on youtube. EVERY song he has made its an absolute gem. they put me to sleep instantly. Hes the best.




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