Sep 11

10 songs that describe me, who I am, and what I can relate to…

Future – Tony Montana (Feat. Drake) |

Future is not only one of my favorite artists due to his beat selection, voice, flow, and character… But this song just makes me feel like me, I wake up to this song. It helps me recognize the success and power one could have, but at the same time it makes you realize how easily it can be lost (due to the Scarface reference).


Tory Lanez – Shot 4 Later |

This is the ultimate baby-making song, need I say more? Every word is on point. I recommend this playing in the background when you’re with your significant other and see the effect it has.


Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Feat. Kimbra) |

I’m sure almost anyone who was ever in love could relate to this song. Even though it is an ambient piece, it is melodic as well. This song reminds me of my club hopping city-nights because every club would play a remix of this song but when we got to the car we blasted the original and there is nothing better than the original.


Kanye West – Drunk & Hot Girls (Feat. Mos Def) |

Every single word relates to my experience with ‘Drunk & Hot Girls’ .. First of all Kanye is a musical genius and I feel like he wrote this song just for me, definitely shows a perspective of drunk girls looking to be more than what they are in the city.


The Weeknd – The Zone (Feat. Drake) |

A very melancholic yet seductive song that I often listened to walking home after meeting a new girl and/or after my break-up with my ex. The song is very slow yet keeps you moving and Drake kills the end with the truth.


Pryda – You (Original Mix) |

Although I downloaded this song not even a week ago I am in love. I’m also a very big fan of house music and road-trips, mix these two and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Just imagine you and your friends cruising down the highway at night with this playing.


Ilario Alicante – Vacaciones En Chile |

A minimal selection, although I’ve never been to Chile this song just puts me in that South American vibe. I traveled a lot while listening to this song as well so I get a rush to travel when I listen to this. This song is very enchanting.


Ace Hood – Hustle Hard |

A gritty track that reminds me what life is about, this song keeps me on the right path. Perfect song for the gym or on the way to school to get you hype.


Kanye West – Say You Will |

One of the most depressing songs I’ve ever heard, once again Kanye kills it. A song about broken promises that I can relate to, I feel like this song really reaches out to my soul.


Kastle – Stay Forever |

A weird and trippy song that makes you feel like you’re melting, love listening to this in the car on the way from the city, also makes you think deeply about life.



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