Sep 11

Sheraz Farooqi- Describe Yourself

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Already Home-Jay Z

My favorite song. Its about people wanting you to fail but you are so confident in yourself that you already think you won. I go into any situation with this in mind. It helps me concentrate and by already knowing you won, it makes life easier.

The Crown-Danger Flow

When the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals. This is the song that came with the celebration. It embodies everything that the favorite team had to go through. It talks about failing at first but then rising up and destroying the competition the next time around. Which is exactly what the Heat had to go through. Being a die hard fan I could not let this song go.

Beach Chair-Jay Z

This is another song by Jay Z that I feel like is very inspirational and it affects me in many ways. This can also describe the more serious side of me.

Kings-Ryan Lewis/Macklemore

This is a great song that I always listen to before a game of basketball. Before every game of my senior year. This song was on my playlist because it pumped me up and made me just go out and play hard.

Kingdom Come-Jay Z

Kingdom Come in a way is the song of my last few years of my life. There are many references to superheroes like Superman and Batman. At my school, my friends nicknamed me Superman because of my willingness to help people. Its another song I listen to to pump me up and on my way to school everyday this is on at least once.

No Church in the Wild-Jay Z/ Kanye

No Church in the Wild is another song that I listen to in the morning. It wakes me up and gives me the feeling that I have to be independent and take care of myself at all times. Its also my alarm to wake up in the morning.

Put On-Young Jeezy

Put on used to be my pre game song for my entire junior high and high school years of basketball. Its about putting the city on your back and gives you the feeling of leadership which I need every time I walk on the court.


This was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid but I never understood it, it just sounded good. It wasn’t till I got older when I realized that I can relate to this song. When I was learning how to drive I used to blast this song once in a while and now every time I take the car out. This song is on at some point.


This is my prom song. This was the song that everyone got up for. All 15 of us haha. So it means a lot and it always reminds me of the great night we had.

Good Riddance- Green Day

I will actually never listen to this song again because it will always bring back to many memories. Going to one school for almost all my life. Knowing the same 15 kids really affected me and at the end of senior year during our Yearbook Dance. We all (as corny as it sounds) sat is a circle and cried while this song played in the back. I was in tears too so this song kind of symbolized my school years.


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