Oct 16

Rubin Museum-Chenasia Campbell

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I thought the Rubin Museum was extraordinary. I really enjoyed my trip there. Learning about oriental cultures in school can be so boring. I was excited to learn about the Himalayan art because it was displayed so beautifully. I was also really interested in the story behind the art. I am all American, so I do not feel culturally connected to anything in the museum, but I’m quite sure it holds great meaning to people who can compare to the culture. My favorite exhibit in the Rubin Museum was the Tibetan Shrine. I heard someone say it was very relaxing for them, but it creeped me out. There was this low music or humming playing and it seem to flow over the candle lit room. This just made the room more mysterious to me. Most of the aspects that you find in Tibetan culture, like the rice and water the humans sacrificed, could be located in the shrine. Moreover, it made me research alot on Tibetans and Buddhas. Everything, no matter how spooky it seemed, was breath taking. The color of the room(red) complimented everything seen. I would definitely visit the Rubin Museum again. I would like to take my time to learn and see more or new artworks in the museum, and I would also love to share it with family and friends. Some adjectives I would use to describe the Rubin Museum are brilliant, beautiful, bold, inviting, and wondrous. Walking into the museum, I was dreading the experience; walking out I was very delighted and wanting more of the exotic Himalayan experience.

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