Dec 03

Last Blog- Jane Peck

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Now think back to August, tell me your thoughts, was your 1st semester everything you thought it would be? Better? Worse? What did you hate? What did you like? Did you join any clubs/sports/activities? Hows your commute? Are you staying here? etc…

My 1st semester was somewhat how I pictured it. It went a little better than I expected. I was really looking forward to going away for college so I was scared I would not make friends at a commuter school. I actually ended up making a lot of new friends and a couple close ones that I will actually have class with next semester! I did not like how “professional” and “uptight” baruch felt at first. There isnt exactly a campus where you can just relax and hangout with friends so the whole city aspect felt restricting to me. I do like that there are so many options around us and how I can go to the park by school when it is nice out. My commute is not too bad, about an hour. As of now, I think I will stay in baruch because it is great for what I want to major in, Business.

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