Dec 04

career planning-chenasia campbell

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Everything Irene sent me about career planning and starr search is awesome ! YOU ROCK IRENE !!! As a freshman, and I can say this for a few of my classmates as well, I could really use that information. I know that in college I should find an advisor for searching jobs and planning my career. I had a rocky start however. Working two full time jobs and attending school full time with my son at home proved to be a great hassle for me. It is really seeming unbearable. I was hoping to use all of the informat get a job in the school because it would put me close to school so traveling wouldn’t be a problem and so I can have a part time job. I plan to use all of this information because in my case, I need as much help as I can get. Using this info. will definitely me to plan and organize, and maybe get a job in school. I am very grateful to have received this information and I will utilize it.

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