Dec 04

Last Blog- Mona Balgobin

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Now think back to August, tell me your thoughts, was your 1st semester everything you thought it would be? Better? Worse? What did you hate? What did you like? Did you join any clubs/sports/activities? Hows your commute? Are you staying here? etc


When the semester first started I was excited about being in Baruch because it was always my number one choice, but I was so afraid that the work load was going to be too much for me. Coming from a high school that didn’t give even half the amount of work they give at Baruch was tough at first. But eventually I got used to it. I enjoyed meeting everyone in the LC and I’m glad that we all stayed friends throughout the semester without any serious conflicts. Sure we were confined to the same set of people for the whole semester but I made some good relationship with these guys and apart from that, clubs helped me make new friends. I was able to join PSA, Bollywood Jalwa and spend some time with ALPHA. I was able to gain the secretary position in the Bollywood Jalwa club. So far I’ve enjoyed my first semester. My commute to Baruch is about one hour in total, without train traffic. It can be a real pain to have to get to class for 8 am and 9 am. Yes I do think I will be staying at Baruch college for the next four years.

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