Dec 04

Voices-Chenasia Campbell

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I was really looking forward to Voice. The last skit put on by the NYU performers was fantastic so I wanted to see what the next skit Mason Hall had in store for us. When voices started, I knew it would be different from the last performance. The 4 speakers captivated from the 1st moment. Hearing the 1st speech made me want to hear the second and so on. I felt a sense of pride knowing that my classmates were writing these creative pieces. I could relate to what many of the poems said being that they talked about stress, school, and the city to name a few. I am a student in the city stressed by school. I definitely felt a connection between the speakers and the audience. In the end, all I could wish was that I had written a monologue that had gotten choosen to be read because it was not what I expected, but much more than what I expected. I really enjoyed wathcing voices.

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