Dec 05

Anthony Moore-Last Blog

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Now think back to August, tell me your thoughts, was your 1st semester everything you thought it would be? Better? Worse? What did you hate? What did you like? Did you join any clubs/sports/activities? Hows your commute? Are you staying here? etc


Excited wasn’t the word! I was ecstatic to start school this year. I wanted to be a part of everything, meet everyone, and become a friend with everyone. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm has waned greatly and been checked because there didnt seem to be many who shared my sentiments. I’m not sure but I tend to view a lot of these people as boring. I do like the staff in the school. They are extremely helpful and do whatever they can to keep you in school and pass your classes. I joined maybe 5 or 6 clubs on my first day here, but I’ve actually kept up with maybe only two. Health and Fitness being the best. Love the president, love the team, love the workout. The only thing that is pretty horrible about this school is the commute. I spend about 5 hours a day just traveling. I couldn’t definitively tell anyone right now if I am definitely staying here, but I do like it a little and until I find somewhere or something else that interests me, I can pass the time here.

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