Dec 05

Last Blog

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Now think back to August, tell me your thoughts, was your 1st semester everything you thought it would be? Better? Worse? What did you hate? What did you like? Did you join any clubs/sports/activities? Hows your commute? Are you staying here? etc…

I am pretty happy about my first semester here at Baruch. I’ve accomplished my dream of moving to the city. I’m living away from my family, I have so much freedom. I’ve experienced a lot of change this semester but I love it. I have made many friends, some that I can see I will remain close to for years to come. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and succeeded. The schoolwork can seem like a lot at times but I can keep it under control. I’ve enjoyed some classes more than others but they have been pretty good. I’ve learned I have a lot of trouble getting up in time for an 8:15 class even though I had to get up earlier for high school. So I am looking forward to next semester when my earliest class is 9:30. I am looking forward to taking some supposedly great professors and meeting even more people. I’m pretty optimistic about my future at Baruch and I cant wait for the next 3 and 1/2 years!

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