Fire and ice

“If the world were to perish in ice, that would be just as nice”-Robert frost

I interpret this quote differently from how people would interpret it in fire and ice, I interpret it Ina. Way that it doesn’t matter how the world is going to end. It depends on how we spend our lives before it ends. In baruch we know that sooner or later all of this is going to end, the friends, the classes, the professors. But to me it doesn’t matter. I don’t worry about when it’s going to end or now, I just end to crack jokes and get through to it.

Blog post #3


I have met a lot of new people at Baruch that practice jiu jitsu, and it’s a breath of fresh air. Even though it is difficult to manage time between school and practice, I would never veer too far from my dangerous side ;).

Final Blog Post

This meme represents how I’ve been dealing with everything since I started college here at Baruch. Being away from family and friends has been hard and new friendships (although they aren’t hard to find) make me anxious and I don’t know how to act around people. This is a new environment and I’m trying to really be okay and get used to everything but sometimes I feel “just fine”. Which actually isn’t fine at all…

PS: I wrote this about 3 days ago and I forgot to post it, sorry for the late post.

Blog Post #3

Sorry for posting so late. Anyway, the biggest problem that I have had during this semester was being productive and not getting distracted. I always find myself getting lost on wikipedia or youtube without realizing how much time has gone by. I manage to rationalize it somehow even though deep inside I know I should be doing my work. Looking up tips on productivity doesn’t help either; sometimes that’s all I do (nothing changes!)

Final post



I think this meme sums up my first semester, I always try to find the easy way out of an assignment and usually do not do it until its due. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to do this for much longer as my classes get harder. For the second meme I find it really hard to manage money while in college because you have to body food everyday, metrocards which are rising next year, and books and supplies.



Describes exactly how I feel about the college life right about now. Can’t wait till winter break =D

Blog Assignment #3

This perfectly depicts my time at Baruch. I can’t run on 2 hours of sleep, I need at least 5, which isn’t desired, but it’s how it is. College is supposed to be way different than high school but I actually thought it was a bit similar. The only difference was the responsibility given to me. I missed a lot of assignments because I didn’t search them up online. I didn’t realize I was supposed to check daily, but I was, and that made me crazy. So I stayed up late at night to do last minute homework, and thus the meme. I find myself constantly falling asleep on the train and missing my stop ┬ábecause I’m always up at night because of something I missed.

final blog post

These two memes accurately represent my experience in my first semester of college. I found it very hard to motivate myself to complete all my assignments. Also pretty much the entire time i was very broke. And I specifically remember looking for coins everywhere like this guy is doing so that i could go out. But all in all I still enjoyed my first semester in college.