Enrique Escobar Academic blog post

Hello Everyone! I finally went to the Metropolitan Museum of art to do my project for art history. While I was there, I got to see lots of art from all the different time periods, including the rococo and post-impressionist times. The line to pay my $5 was long, unless if you wanted to get the express tickets for $25. Afterwards, I went upstairs to find paintings i was assigned to go see. The first painting was easy to find because it said it on the floor plan. However, the other 3 were hard to find, i spent almost an hour trying to find them using the complex organization style. The museum did look really nice though. One of my favorite paintings was the one below, which depicts our natural waters in the middle and the boats in the background. That paintings in that room all had to do with nature, which are my favorite types because they make you feel relaxed and away from the city for just a bit. It surprised me how crowded the area was, because usually most museums i had to go to are always struggling to get more visitors in. I know its supposed to be one of the most famous museums in the world, so people come from all over. The art itself seems very diverse as you can find Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, European and Native American art. After i finally found all the art pieces, I decided to go outside and have some halal. It wasn’t as tasty as the one by the 23rd st (6) station, but it still filled me up. Then i had to rush on the 6 to make sure i got back to Baruch in time for English. The experience made me feel a bit like a tourist and made me realize there’s always a place in NY waiting to be discovered.