Career- SASA resume workshop

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture when I attended this workshop, however I did learn a whole lot about resume building and why they are so important. A resume is something that you send to a place where you may want to work and hence it has to be done perfectly with the right information. At the workshop, they really stressed the organization of your resume and making sure that the most important information is prominent. I’m not a part of SASA but one day the president of the club sat next to me on the train and started telling me about their events. He told me about the resume workshop and since I’ve been struggling making my resume for the past couple weeks I decided to go.

Personally, I didn’t know what kind of information to put on my resume. So at the workshop, the first thing they told me was to put my contact information. Also they told us to use a professional email since this resume is going to potential work places. They also said to use a font that is fancy but nothing over the top. Next, since we don’t have college GPA’s yet, our high school GPA and where we attended high school. Also, any previous work experience we had and what the job title was. I’ve worked at Pizza Hut before as a customer service representative and Dunkin Donuts as a cashier. So under my skills I wrote I’m good at up selling as well as dealing with an unhappy customer. They also told us to add the languages that we speak. So I wrote on my resume that I can speak English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Spanish. And on my skills I also added that I can use Microsoft office and I know some coding as well. I think going to this workshop was extremely beneficial and I would’ve gone regardless of freshman seminar.

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