Jonathan Zheng – Let’s get Starrted

In this career workshop, it was the 4th session that was held about this topic. There were 3 more of its kind before it. In this workshop, it spoke of career planning and tools students can utilize to find out more about the career they are pursuing or even finding more about majors that they didn’t even consider. This is because some people are uncertain of what they want to major in, leading them to be more open to more options of what they want to major in and have a career in.

In the workshop, they gave us informational pamphlets and worksheets to help us start our journey within Baruch. The important ones were from the Focus 2 Assessment and the LinkedIn ones, but that was my opinion. This is because LinkedIn is a resource that we are going to use if we ever go into the professional world. I, myself, has heard of the website, but never found a use for it. It seems like in the next couple of years, I will have to be on it quite often if I am to find good places that contain the career I hope to pursue.

Another thing I found useful within this workshop was that it spoke about social meia usage. This part of the workshop told us about being careful on what we post on social media. It told us that one of the first thing that employers do is search up who they are trying to employ online. This makes it such that they will have an idea of who they are going to be working with. This is because a resume can’t supply everything about a person. An example of this is someone with a perfect resume, but prefers working alone or has a nasty personality while the company is looking for someone everyone in the company can work with. That would mean that the person applying won’t seem like the best fit that the company needs and will look for someone else.

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