New Students Mini Resume Workshops

 Resumes! Something that each and every single one of us will have to put together before we attend an interview. This thirty minute mini resume workshop was both a fast and informative session. Starting from learning about what a resume is all the way to what we should or shouldn’t do when writing a resume. Along with the workshop, a packet was given out to each student with examples of resumes that are considered acceptable. One thing that I took away that is crucial, is a resume should only be a page long. A long resume will end up in the trash bin and neglected by employers, simply because the paper was too long. Simple mistakes like punctuation or disorganization could leave your resume to be neglected.

One of my career goals is to find an internship by the end of next year’s spring semester. The first step to achieving this goal is to find an internship, of course. “A good resume that makes you stand out, would give you a higher opportunity of being selected for an interview”. That was a quote that I have heard plenty of times from family and friends, and they can’t stress it more than enough how important it is. A resume is like the key to your house door. If the key doesn’t work, you can’t go into your house. If the resume isn’t written well, you can’t find yourself having a position at the company or corporation.

This is just one of many career workshops that Baruch has to offer. The STARR career program has both an appointment or walk in schedule to work on your resume or any job related issues. There are even clubs that connect with big companies and corporations that I would like to check out in the near future.