Sameera Chowdhury – Let’s Get Starrted

For my career post, I attended the “Let’s Get STARRted: First Year Students Program,” where the speaker spoke about SCDC and the many opportunities it has. SCDC offers Rising STARR Sophomore Program, Passport for Partners, Financial Leadership Program, and a Pre-Law program. While she was speaking about these programs, I gained an interest for RSSP and am thinking about applying so I can learn about different majors and career paths and gain communication skills and in general, knowledge. She emphasized how important it was to use social media wisely because it can either help or tarnish your “personal brand.” She spoke about personal brand being how someone is viewed or their reputation and why it is important to be careful and wise about the decisions you make.
Going to this workshop, I realized the other workshops I can and will attend such as the LinkedIn and resume workshop. In the workshop, no one had a LinkedIn account and it seemed like such an important tool for all of us for our professional life, so I think everyone would benefit in going to the LinkedIn workshop. By building a LinkedIn account, I would be able to network more efficiently and build a positive digital footprint. This workshop emphasized the resources I have at hand such as the resume walk in hours. I have the resources and now I just have to be proactive and put them to use.

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