Enrique Escobar Academic blog post

Hello Everyone! I finally went to the Metropolitan Museum of art to do my project for art history. While I was there, I got to see lots of art from all the different time periods, including the rococo and post-impressionist times. The line to pay my $5 was long, unless if you wanted to get the express tickets for $25. Afterwards, I went upstairs to find paintings i was assigned to go see. The first painting was easy to find because it said it on the floor plan. However, the other 3 were hard to find, i spent almost an hour trying to find them using the complex organization style. The museum did look really nice though. One of my favorite paintings was the one below, which depicts our natural waters in the middle and the boats in the background. That paintings in that room all had to do with nature, which are my favorite types because they make you feel relaxed and away from the city for just a bit. It surprised me how crowded the area was, because usually most museums i had to go to are always struggling to get more visitors in. I know its supposed to be one of the most famous museums in the world, so people come from all over. The art itself seems very diverse as you can find Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, European and Native American art. After i finally found all the art pieces, I decided to go outside and have some halal. It wasn’t as tasty as the one by the 23rd st (6) station, but it still filled me up. Then i had to rush on the 6 to make sure i got back to Baruch in time for English. The experience made me feel a bit like a tourist and made me realize there’s always a place in NY waiting to be discovered.

Jonathan Zheng – Let’s get Starrted

In this career workshop, it was the 4th session that was held about this topic. There were 3 more of its kind before it. In this workshop, it spoke of career planning and tools students can utilize to find out more about the career they are pursuing or even finding more about majors that they didn’t even consider. This is because some people are uncertain of what they want to major in, leading them to be more open to more options of what they want to major in and have a career in.

In the workshop, they gave us informational pamphlets and worksheets to help us start our journey within Baruch. The important ones were from the Focus 2 Assessment and the LinkedIn ones, but that was my opinion. This is because LinkedIn is a resource that we are going to use if we ever go into the professional world. I, myself, has heard of the website, but never found a use for it. It seems like in the next couple of years, I will have to be on it quite often if I am to find good places that contain the career I hope to pursue.

Another thing I found useful within this workshop was that it spoke about social meia usage. This part of the workshop told us about being careful on what we post on social media. It told us that one of the first thing that employers do is search up who they are trying to employ online. This makes it such that they will have an idea of who they are going to be working with. This is because a resume can’t supply everything about a person. An example of this is someone with a perfect resume, but prefers working alone or has a nasty personality while the company is looking for someone everyone in the company can work with. That would mean that the person applying won’t seem like the best fit that the company needs and will look for someone else.

Career- SASA resume workshop

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture when I attended this workshop, however I did learn a whole lot about resume building and why they are so important. A resume is something that you send to a place where you may want to work and hence it has to be done perfectly with the right information. At the workshop, they really stressed the organization of your resume and making sure that the most important information is prominent. I’m not a part of SASA but one day the president of the club sat next to me on the train and started telling me about their events. He told me about the resume workshop and since I’ve been struggling making my resume for the past couple weeks I decided to go.

Personally, I didn’t know what kind of information to put on my resume. So at the workshop, the first thing they told me was to put my contact information. Also they told us to use a professional email since this resume is going to potential work places. They also said to use a font that is fancy but nothing over the top. Next, since we don’t have college GPA’s yet, our high school GPA and where we attended high school. Also, any previous work experience we had and what the job title was. I’ve worked at Pizza Hut before as a customer service representative and Dunkin Donuts as a cashier. So under my skills I wrote I’m good at up selling as well as dealing with an unhappy customer. They also told us to add the languages that we speak. So I wrote on my resume that I can speak English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Spanish. And on my skills I also added that I can use Microsoft office and I know some coding as well. I think going to this workshop was extremely beneficial and I would’ve gone regardless of freshman seminar.

Career Henry Barnathan

For my career workshop blog post I attended an Ad-Hoc. This Ad-Hoc showed us a way that we can create our own major in Baruch. This was good for me because I haven’t decided on a major yet so this started to get me thinking. They then took us through the process of getting an approval for an Ad-Hoc major. The main step is getting approved by the school and to get this approval the school has to deem your Ad-Hoc major idea as profitable and a good idea for your career going forward. They brought in previous students who were Ad-Hoc majors and they spoke about their experience. They were all satisfied with the field and job they have now and showed that even if you are interested in one field your options aren’t limited to one job or one major.

Sameera Chowdhury – Let’s Get Starrted

For my career post, I attended the “Let’s Get STARRted: First Year Students Program,” where the speaker spoke about SCDC and the many opportunities it has. SCDC offers Rising STARR Sophomore Program, Passport for Partners, Financial Leadership Program, and a Pre-Law program. While she was speaking about these programs, I gained an interest for RSSP and am thinking about applying so I can learn about different majors and career paths and gain communication skills and in general, knowledge. She emphasized how important it was to use social media wisely because it can either help or tarnish your “personal brand.” She spoke about personal brand being how someone is viewed or their reputation and why it is important to be careful and wise about the decisions you make.
Going to this workshop, I realized the other workshops I can and will attend such as the LinkedIn and resume workshop. In the workshop, no one had a LinkedIn account and it seemed like such an important tool for all of us for our professional life, so I think everyone would benefit in going to the LinkedIn workshop. By building a LinkedIn account, I would be able to network more efficiently and build a positive digital footprint. This workshop emphasized the resources I have at hand such as the resume walk in hours. I have the resources and now I just have to be proactive and put them to use.

Afnan Shariff Let’s Get Starrted

I had the chance to attend the workshop by the name of, “Let’s Get Starrted: Career Building Blocks for First- and Second-Year Students: Week Four,” offered by the Starr Career Development Center. The SCDC helps Baruch students on their career path, with help on writing resumes, cover letters, choosing majors, and applying to internships. They are essentially the haven for your future. This workshop was a four part workshop and since I was not on STARR before, I had no knowledge of them, so I was able to come across this last part. It only consisted of ten freshmen trying to meet their Freshman Seminar requirement, but I was there for much more. In this workshop, the advisor explained a general overview of what SCDC was and the resources it had. She also gave us different resources around the school to utilize, such as clubs, special programs, and even advised us to talk to different faculty and students. She stressed the importance of doing these things in advance so we can successfully move forward on our career path. She also stressed the importance of LinkedIn and why we should have it, since it is a networking tool for different opportunities. Also, a big factor is to watch what you post on your social media as companies check your social media to see what you post, reflecting the kind of person you are.


The overall essence of this workshop was to be made aware of the different resources around Baruch to help us freshman get a head start on our future and our careers. I found it immensely helpful to have attended this workshop because it helped me realize just how many resources I had around me that I can utilize to advance my future career and benefit me in the long run. College is imperative to our career and the experience and knowledge starts here.

Tatiana Varchola – Internship Seminar

I attended an Internship seminar in the Starr career center. Michael Kalish did an amazing job at breaking down the definition and process of internship. He explained how internships, or pre professional work experience, can be paid, unpaid, or credited. Paid internships are more common in business world, but that business has to pay at least min wage which is 11 dollars right now but by December 31, 2018 minimum wage goes up to 15 dollars per hour. Many businesses have exploited interns and there are many cases of lawsuits on big businesses who have exploited unpaid interns.
A lot of the PowerPoint was geared towards juniors and senior or those that are already in one of the Baruch schools. However, he talked about a zero credit internship course, which is a pass fail course that mocks a real credited internship for a student who is not in one of the three Baruch schools. This is one thing that I definitely want to learn more about because it would give me the ability to explore my desired working field before really being in that field.
Talking more with people from the career center really made me want to focus more on making a plan for my future. Even though I’m a freshman, I do have really big plans for myself but i just have no way to organize or plan for them. I would not even know where to start. However, the career center really helped me organize myself and this made me want to meet with them more. I feel like the earlier i get started the less anxious I am going to feel later on as a junior or senior getting ready for grad school.

Career Workshop Roman Kohanano

Roman Kohanano

For the career workshop portion of the blog assignment I went to an Ad-Hoc that showed students how they can make their own major. I am currently planning on majoring in Finance at Baruch College, but I am open to other potential majors that I may find interesting and lucrative. Ad-Hoc is great for people who are unable to find a major that they enjoy, because with Ad-Hoc you are able to make a major of your choice, but it is not as easy as it sounds. If you would like to have an Ad-Hoc major you need to fill out the application and it needs to get approved. Of course your application needs to be something that Baruch sees as a potentially lucrative major. Ad-Hoc allows people who can not find a major they like to create a major that they like. With Ad-Hoc, the options are really limitless because you can combine different interests that you have into a lucrative and successful major. Previous students of Baruch who are Ad-Hoc majors spoke to us about how easy it is to fill out the application and become an Ad-Hoc major. I was glad to have attended the Ad-Hoc workshop because it showed me than if I do not want to major in finance, my options are not limited. I can major in something that I found both lucrative and interesting.


The Museum of Modern Art is a unique attraction found in the heart of New York City. Despite living in this great city for nearly a decade, I never really experienced cultural and artistic aspects of it. However, the summer before going to Baruch college my friends and I agreed to visit more places around the city and become more aware of different cultures, including our own. I visited the MoMA as a requirement for my Art History class; however, it was on my to visit list in general. In the museum I was able to experience modern art by reading the descriptions behind all sorts of art forms and works. Although, some modern art in my person opinion does not deserve the praise it receives (for instance, there’s a section dedicated to blank canvases) I still enjoyed the exhibits and diverse galleries. The art work in the picture is by Henri Matisse by the name Interior with a Young Girl (Girl Reading). This art piece belongs to an artistic time period fauvism. In this art period artists explored abstract expressions through bright colors and less realistic looking portraits and scenery paintings. The other art works were also very interesting, especially sculptures like the well known giant spider that is in the middle of the museum. In addition, CUNY students go in for free. So you can enjoy a nice museum date with your friend or partner any time! This experience led to me want to see other museums the city has to offer. I am really glad I go to baruch, not a small college somewhere in the woods, because of all the opportunity cunys offer. The city is a unique place and I am looking forward to more days like these, well spent in a museum learning. (I recommend going to the MET instead, if you like art that’s not mostly blank canvases). This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.


LinkedIn Workshop

LinkedIn is essentially an online business profile. This career workshop that I attended showed us how to create a strong profile for potential jobs in the future. The instructor created a PowerPoint that addressed each category in a LinkedIn profile. He also showed us examples of moderate and excellent LinkedIn profile examples. He said that LinkedIn is highly underestimated and is a very useful tool in getting jobs. He also said that it doesn’t matter in what year of college a student is, they can start their profile at any time. He said even first year students can take advantage of LinkedIn because internships are also available. He then discussed the PowerPoint and showed us his own LinkedIn profile and was honest in where he could improve and what a strong profile looks like.

This workshop helped me explore my career goals by showing me an alternate option than just my resume. The instructor also said that LinkedIn has provided many jobs for people he has known and many people don’t realize how resourceful it can be. I have definitely taken this method of finding jobs into account. I haven’t yet created a LinkedIn profile, but it is something I plan on doing. This is especially true as I get to build my resume even more, so I could list my experience on my LinkedIn profile as well. Not only will I take advantage of using LinkedIn, which a Baruch career workshop taught me about, but other Baruch resources as well. The career fair is a great way to find out more about jobs. Baruch has centers that can help me build my resume or practice for an interview or even borrow a suit for a job interview.