Introducing the new, improved* Global Student Certificate!

After almost fifteen years, the Global Student Certificate has a completely new format!

What’s new with the GSC?

The biggest change is that we are now a semester-long program, rather than a full year! Of course, this means we will meet a tiny bit more often (three weeks out of every four, on average) but more Baruch students will be able to benefit from the GSC. If you’re studying abroad in one term, or your schedule is heavy in one term, you can still participate in the GSC for the other semester.

We are also opening the program to all undergraduate students. First-year students are welcome to apply.

The program will also incorporate some modern techniques for cultural learning, including story circles and a method for engaging in cross-cultural dialogue and thinking about how our choices and actions are interrelated in the context of globalization and relations of power.

Lastly, we have a new, streamlined online application. Apply over here by September 7th!

What are we keeping from our beloved GSC of the past?

We’ll still have our favorite elements, including map quizzes (remember sixth grade and memorizing the countries of Africa? We’ll test your knowledge!), and the latest addition to the Weissman Center’s programming, A Tour of the World in 6 Artworks. We’ll also prioritize small-group discussions and engaging learning as we always have.

(*) At least we hope it’s improved!

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