Immigration To The New World

These two images portray the lives of Italian immigrants in the early 1900s. Both images depict their living conditions in the 1900s. The image on the left shows the bedroom of an Italian family. Judging from the image, the family may be from a lower class because their living condition seems poor, cramped and unsanitary. However comparing this image to the one on the right, they are complete opposites from one another. The image on the right shows a much well off family probably in the middle class. The breadwinner in this family may have been a scholar, allowing him to have a higher paying job compared to other immigrant families with low education back then.

4 thoughts on “Immigration To The New World

  1. These two photographs are prime examples that immigration did not work out for everyone. whilst one family is well off, another family would probably have been better off if they had stayed in their home nation.

  2. It was true that “immigration did not work out for everyone”, especially those who were low-educated immigrants who had no skill.
    I think they still came to America because they wanted to give their next generation a better life.

  3. I would also like to add, it should be a given that coming to a new country without any assistance would be hard. It would be obvious that they would have to start from scratch and that lifestyle would not be good the firs couple of years.

  4. Yes, it is true that it is very hard to come and live in the new country(start everything from the beginning), but if you know what you doing and your head is working good,and you have your own purpose even without high education, you will live pretty well

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