Provost Scholars

Provost Scholars join the Honors program after enrolling at Baruch. The Program seeks passionate, curious, self-starters who want challenge and opportunities. Motivated undergraduate students with a 3.5* Baruch GPA may take 1-2 honors courses, on a space-available basis, and then apply to the Provost Scholars program.  Provost Scholar sare required to take 8-10 honors courses, perform community service, attend cultural events each semester and are strongly encouraged to study abroad and conduct undergraduate research.  *Most 1000 – 2000 level honors course only require a 3.3 GPA in order to enroll. Our 3000-4000 level honors courses require a 3.5 GPA in order to enroll however students with a 3.4 can petition to enter an open upper-level Honors course by sending an email to Baruch Honors.

To apply to this program visit: Join the Honors Program as a Provost Scholar! And review a comparison to the Inquiry Scholars program.

Watch a brief highlight video of the program below:

Tips from an Honors Advisor