Applying to Honors once at Baruch

Students with a Baruch GPA of 3.5 or higher can apply to join the Honors Program through one of two programs: Provost Scholars, for students interested in a holistic honors education, or Inquiry Scholars, an upper-level program launched in 2014 for students interested in research.


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Comparison chart:

Inquiry Scholars Provost Scholars
Overview Research & creative inquiry program within the major (or possibly minor), allowing student to craft a unique co-curriculum supporting learning. Study abroad and leadership on campus highly encouraged. Well-rounded general education requiring civic engagement and cultural enrichment.  Study abroad and leadership on campus highly encouraged.
Coursework Research & creative inquiry preparatory courses (background, methodologies of the discipline, capstone courses such as thesis, independent study, etc.) Generally 8-10 Honors courses, including required Honors thesis or capstones dependent on major
Admission requirement Attend Inquiry Scholar information session, application and education plan approved by faculty member in the department; 3.5 GPA Take 1-2 Honors courses; application; faculty recommendation; 3.5 GPA
Co-curricular requirements Four research & creative inquiry activities per academic year, including participation in Creative Inquiry Day. Scholars’ reflections are used to create digital portfolio 15 hours of community service per year; 1 on-campus cultural event each fall & spring semester (2 per year); Scholars write written reflection on service learning