Teatro LATEA

I attended the event at Teatro LATEA with my sister. This event was wonderful

because I got to see a lot of forms of self-expression including singing acts, a band, and

even posters that my classmate made. This event really helped me grasp what the LTS

3012 class is about. In class, we covered various topics including community which was

a theme in “Movimientos de rebeldía y las culturas que traicionan” by Gloria Anzaldua.

This theme was prevalent in the event because it was so easy to see all the connections

that were formed during the event. There was a lot of mingling and connection through a

shared passion for the service that the Black and Latino Studies department provides to

its students. A lot of community was built through the performances as we all got to

experience them at the same time. Another topic that was displayed throughout the event

was self-expression. This theme was covered in “Spit and Passion” by Cristy C. Road.

The event allowed me and my sister to experience live musical performances from

students. I thought it was so beautiful to hear these, especially from people who go to the

same school as me and share the same spaces I do. Self-expression is something we

discussed in various parts of the class. This even helped me enjoy what we learned in

class on a more personal level.

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