La Gringa live at Repertorio

The play La Gringa, written by Carmen Rivera, and the live annotation of the play that took place within the Repertorio Español were very similar but also different at the same time.  While the way I imagined the set to be in the repertorio didn’t expect what I envisioned while reading the play, I thought of a more antique feeling within the play. While Repertorio only had a projector, it could take us from inside the house to the rainforest. Manolo took Maria. We were able to see leaves and note the change of location. Another difference between the play and the live annotation in Repertorio was the character Maria, who spoke fluent Spanish. In contrast, in the play, we understand that she isn’t fluent and is learning Spanish. I wish that were more prorated within the play because it makes it more authentic to the playwright while understanding why Maria didn’t feel truly Puerto Rican. One of the biggest takeaways from watching the play and reading the playwright is how it was interpreted from paper to the stage, while there are a few things I believe could be different. The cast did really well in bringing the character to life. When Carmen visited, she mentioned how every play she had seen of La Gringa was different, and that was shown with the props and the clothing. The actor playing Manolo felt authentic to some older Puerto Rican family members. It even reminded me of my own. Overall, I enjoyed seeing and reading the play.

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