There are a lot of resources out there for adding character to your presentation, and many of them are free or have a free version.

Your first line of resources can be found through the college. Contact the MakerHub, and visit Baruch’s Center for Teaching and Learning for additional updates and ideas.

This list contains a few interesting presentation resources we found and tested.


This website tool will add animations and templates to your presentations. The free plan does not allow for full customization but is a good tool to get you started.


This PowerPoint alternative is a web-based presentation medium that is dynamic. This is usually displayed best as a video or synchronous presentation.

Speaker Deck

This is not a creation tool but will help you share your presentations regardless of file size, animations, and embedded applications.


This online tool helps you add interactive pieces to your presentations, including animations and other features.


This extension to Google Chrome lets you record your screen, or yourself, or both at the same time, and then share the video asynchronously through the cloud.

Lesson One: Intro to embedded media
Lesson Two: Appropriate animations
Lesson Three: Screen capture
Lesson Four: Recording a presentation
Lesson Five: Putting it all together
Further Resources