Photoresistor and LED

Sometimes you want to control the brightness of the LED according to the brightness of the room, so this circuit is there for you! Below is a photo of what it may look like if you build this circuit with an Arduino kit. We will build this step-by-step in TinkerCad Circuits:

Step 1: Connect the Arduino board with the breadboard

Step 2: Connect circuits

Land one side of the photoresistor onto either positive bus, and connect another side to any empty row

Step 3: Add LED

Long leg connected to the same row as the photoresistor Other leg can land in any other free row

Step 4: Add 220 Ohm Resistor

One leg lands in the same row as the short LED leg other leg lands anywhere in either negative bus

Step 5: Test your circuit

Click “Start Simulation”, your circuit should light up. The resistance of a photoresistor decreases with increasing light, so the LED will start off bright in a well-lit room!

Lesson One: System Design
Lesson Two: Basic Circuitry Knowledge
Lesson Three: Electronics Tools
Lesson Four: Lighting an LED
Lesson Five: Tilt Switch
Lesson Six: Photoresistor and LED
Lesson Seven: Button with Piezo Speaker
Lesson Eight: Dimming an LED
Lesson Nine: Button Input for LED
Lesson Ten: Ultrasonic Sensor Alarm
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