Create New Post (Elements)

Instructions for using WordPress are here. If you have never blogged before, start by familiarizing yourself with this page.

For your blog entry, please make sure that you do the following. More detailed directions below with pictures.

  1. Make sure your profile has your full name under “Display name publicly as,” and not your Baruch ID.
  2. Title your blog post Artist – “Song Name.” For example: Gotye – “Somebody That I Used To Know.”
  3. Under categories, mark the box “Elements Entries.”
  4. For tags, write the name of the artist, and if you like, the song’s genre.
  5. Begin your post with the URL of the YouTube video on its own line.

That’s it! Remember you should save your blog post frequently, and when you’re ready, click Publish. If that makes sense, blog away. If you’d like more specific instructions, continue reading.

1. Go to the Blogs@Baruch site, log in, and go to the dashboard for our class site.


2. On the left hand side, mouse over “Users” and then click “Your Profile.” Make sure that your full name, not User ID, is selected for “Display name publicly as”




3. Under posts, click “Add New”


4. Title your post Artist – “Song Name.” The song name goes in quotes.


5. On the right, click “Elements Entries” for Categories. Underneath, enter the artist’s name as a tag, and the genre if you like (e.g. rock, rap, dubstep, country, K-pop, etc.). If you are unsure of the genre or it’s complicated, you can omit the genre tag. Do not omit the artist tag.

6Don’t forget to click “Add”!

6. Begin your post with the YouTube URL on its own line. This can be found on the share tab on your video.


7. Now type your content. Remember to save your draft often! You can preview the page if you like. When you’re done, be sure that you click “Publish.”