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Digital Mystikz- Anti War Dub

This is a prime example of the genre known as “dubstep” . The producers go by Digital Mysitikz (DMZ) but are individually known as Mala, Coki, and Loefah. They were extremely influential in the formative years of this genre in the early 2000’s .

As common throughout most dubstep songs, the beat is syncopated and slightly off tempo which creates atmosphere of extra space. You will also notice that there is very heavy bass. This type of music can only truly be appreciated through a set of high quality speakers with heavy emphasis on sub bass. This stems from the early influence of Jamaican dub sound system culture in the UK, where sound engineers were constantly equalizing the speakers during the show, tailoring it to each individual song. This same idea applies to dubstep shows.

This is a form of electronic music which makes it a bit difficult in describing the timbre since there are no traditional instruments being used. There is however, a lot of use of different types of percussion. Hand drums, and a regular drum kits are used throughout. There is a some string/violin use as well as what sounds like a distorted malled pad, and also another synth heard during the break down. There is heavy bass used which gives the driving pulse, as well as the vocal sample which is probably the strongest melodic element in this piece.

The texture of the song is homophonic and is written in a minor key, which creates a melancholic mood.

We Found Love- Lindsey Stirling- VenTribe

 Rhythm : This song is in duple meter.

Timbre : This song gives a very calm and soothing feeling. It is very different from the original version by Rihanna. In the original version, Rihanna includes a more techno feeling rather than peaceful.

Instruments : This song contains mainly the violin that Lindsey Stirling is playing but there is also drums from time to time. In this cover from Rihanna’s “We Found Love”, it has a less futuristic melody. There is also a maraca that plays along with the singer. Also, the instruments that are in this video plays along with the singer’s voice.  The drum solo part starts on (2:18) and ends at (3:04) when the violin appears.

Texture: The texture of this cover is homophony (homophonic).

Harmony: The violin plays along with the maraca. The drums also plays along with the violin from (1:03-1:49). The harmony of this song is very smooth.