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Shakira, Hips Don’t Lie.

This song is a duple meter with an andante tempo to fast at the end. The main melody is given by the drums. The timbre is happy, lively and sensual. Masculine voice starts with a low pitch(0.10), then feminine voice higher pitch(0.19) and masculine voice goes to a higher pitch after(0.39). At (1:57) clapping incorporates with various voices no instrumentation.

A lot of dissonance towards the end and song is done with major key. The songs texture is homophonic. The song starts with trumpets and  (3:24) the trumpets enters to end the song. The melodic contour is flat up to the middle of the song, then becomes volatile. The verses are made up of 4 lines, 4 measures. The chorus is made up of 8 lines, grouped in 2 sections.The line “And I’m on tonight ”  is more intense. The dynamics is moderately loud to forte.










Shakira- “Waka Waka”

This song has a very upbeat style, and the main phrase “waka waka” has been repeated a significant number of times to emphasize its importance (“waka waka” means “do it” in African language). The music has a duple meter, with an allegro tempo. Since it incorporates the use of drums to produce a very strong accompaniment, its texture is homophonic. There is a major change at 1’04, as a cymbal-like instrument is introduced to add more variation to the melody. Furthermore, the new vocalist at 2’12 generates a unique kind of exotic sensation to its listeners.