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Bruno Mars – “Liqour Store Blues”

Bruno Mars – “Liquor Store Blues”


This song is a duple meter with a moderate tempo.  The main instrument is a guitar with syncopation by drums which gives it a reggae feel. The speed of the beats remain constant throughout the song.

The music is clear, and lively. The guitar and drums are very clear. There are other percussion instruments like the cymbal which accentuates the downbeat with the drums. The music is in the major scale, which makes it feel bright and lively. The vocal is the main melody, performed by Bruno Mars who has a higher pitched voice than the Damion Marley who has a lower pitch. While the music has a major scale, which normally helps to create the feeling of joy. The words of the song speaks of drug use normally a very dark subject.

The music is harmonious with Bruno Mars and Damion Marley voice. As with traditional reggae music there the harmony is very simple using only two chords throughout the song.The music is generally laying in mp, but during the climax points the dynamic changes to f. Since there is just one melody with several accompaniments, then the texture of the music is homophonic. The song is in a binary form repeating each section.

Bruno Mars – “Grenade”

Bruno Mars – “Grenade” is a duple meter. The rhythm throughout the song is played with a piano, drum and bass. The song is played in a moderate tempo known as andante. The tempo of the song speeds up during the chorus. (0:45)

The timbre of the song is calm and gives a welcoming feeling in the beginning and starts to get stronger while reaching toward to the climax of the song then becomes a soft and calm again.

The vocal melody of the song is different from the verse and chorus. The verses are sung in a low pitch and the chorus is sung in a higher pitch. The song is mostly played in a D minor.

The instruments used in the chorus are in harmony with the singer’s voice.

The song begins with the piano playing the main melody and then accompanied by a drum at 0:21 after the sound of the picture frame breaking and later on accompanied by the bass. During the chorus, the melody of the piano changes as you can listen to at 0:45 and its accompanied by the drum and bass. You can clearly hear the bass starting at 2:23 during the climax of the song.

The texture of the song is homophonic since the main melody has several accompaniments.